Human Software Engineering can impact
 and  improve your life in these distinct areas:

  • Resolving Stress & Anxiety
  • Discover Your YOUniqueness
  • Solving Major Life Problems                                                                                   
  • Creating the Life You Desire

This is possible because of a major breakthrough in  our ability to dissolve and remove  old energy
patterns of current emotions that
disrupt people’s  lives. Positive
change occurs by being trained to
use a group of simple techniques designed to effectively eliminate the root cause  of these

My purpose is to train my
clients to use these techniques in just a few sessions so that they can continue to enhance and expand their lives on their own.

Bridges to Great Life provides training, tools and solutions for women who desire to live life at its highest level.  

Success is individual and you know what that looks like for you. BGL helps you uncover the picture, design the roadmap to get you there and eliminate the emotional barriers that have held you back from living the life you want. Our focus is to help you make lifestyle changes easily, peacefully and harmoniously.
We use a success system of techniques that allows you to reach your goals and live your dreams effortlessly. We have all struggled to ‘make’ things happen in our efforts to be happy, only to find that we could never quite reach that goal. With our success techniques you will get to the core of what holds you back. We bridge the gaps with a new technology that works every time without the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that so often accompanies these changes. This covers all areas of life from career change, relationship change and business success.
To understand the simplicity of our techniques consider the analogy of a computer. Computers were designed after the human brain. Imagine that you could ‘debug’ and upgrade your inner human software by running anti-virus programs on your hardware and then hitting the delete button.
Well now you can! When your software is cleared of its ‘bugs’ you can function without the interferences that have slowed you down.
Upgrade your performance, your business performance and your relationships with BGL training and tools this easily.
We help you embrace life and YOUR success at its highest level.





 Gale Tolan  HSE
Women's Life Change Solutions

Core Dynamics Life and Business Coach

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